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Next generation sequencing provides significantly increased speed and accuracy while reducing cost compared to traditional methods. Gentris has chosen the Ion Personal Genome Machine™ as the preferred next generation platform for clinical trials.  The Ion PGM™ is ideal for targeted studies requiring sequencing of single genes and panels of genes or generating gene expression profiles. Utilizing the Ion AmpliSeq™ Target Selection Technology, the Ion PGM™ can rapidly sequence hundreds of known mutations with low-frequency allele detection and requires low volumes of DNA, such as samples obtained from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues and buccal cells. We also have experience in the AmpliSeq™ Cancer Hotspot Panel.

Because of its speed and cost-effectiveness, the Ion PGM™ is ideal for amplicon sequencing, RNA sequencing, and targeted sequencing with exceptional accuracy. Sample barcoding allows for multiplexing of samples, which enables efficient and effective rare SNP detection. Additionally, Ion Torrent technology has been shown to produce more
comprehensive gene expression data than microarrays including the ability to identify isoforms, novel transcripts, gene fusions, and non-coding RNAs. The flexibility and efficiency of the Ion PGMTM creates significant, new value for our client’s biomarker discovery and development programs.